Tom Schulte is CEO of Recalibrate Professional Development and Founder & Executive Director of Linked2Leadership. He is the featured presenter of the Leadership PowerLab Workshop.

Atlanta native Tom Schulte has over 25 years in leadership, sales & marketing experience in various industries, but became deeply passionate about corporate leadership development training after working for author/speaker and leadership guru – Dr. John C. Maxwell. During that time Tom had the privilege of working with top executives from around the world who were seeking practical leadership applications that provided real solutions. That experience and Tom’s natural understanding of others, his penchant for creative problem-solving, and his love to coach and equip others, all led him to create his own company - Recalibrate Professional Development.

Tom felt compelled to provide the types of solutions he was hearing the marketplace clamor for and really make a difference. As a result, Tom created a unique training curriculum that is meaningful, memorable, and quick to fit the increasingly busy schedules of leaders and their teams. This curriculum, a Leadership PowerLab, is described as “high-impact leadership training fit for the Smartphone-Attention-Span” because it is fast, fun, and powerful.

What Others Have Said about Tom Schulte and His PowerLab Workshops

"Tom Schulte is an amazing man. He sees opportunities where others see problems and he approaches each and every work situation as a study in true partnership. He is a died-in-the-wool leader with years of practice and coaching experience. He has developed world-class leadership training products and continues to rub elbows with the best and brightest leadership thought leaders on a daily basis.

I unreservedly recommend Tom Schulte under any and all circumstances.”

~ Darin R. Molnar, PhD


"As a participant in the value cards training session, the exercise brought a clarity of words and thoughts around my core values. The values exercise opened my thoughts up to other peoples key drivers to better understand how and why a person reacts in various situations.

The exercise has made me a better leader in my work and in my life."

"The lasting impact the values presentation has had on me is the passion to share this exercise with other groups I'm involved in. I've shared the exercise with my husband, mom, sisters, and Aunt. I have since led a values workshop with my local business women's group and am planning to share this exercise with a doctor and his team of ODs. The exercise enhances a passion for understanding others, communication, collaboration, trust, rapport, friendship.

I'd recommend this exercise to anyone with a beating heart."

Tom is Founder, Editor and Executive Director of Linked2Leadership, a group of global professionals dedicated to leadership development, organizational health, and personal & professional growth. The blog is a "Top 100 Socially-Shared Leadership Blog" and the L2L group on LinkedIn has more than 30,000 members.

And speaking of groups, Tom Schulte's PowerLab Workshops and other half-day and full-day workshops are perfect for group events or for custom-designed training programs.  Corporations, non-profits and business associations can all take advantage of special group pricing programs that are available for the upcoming PowerLab event and other workshops. Click here to learn more.