Thought Leaders Network collaborates with a number of respected thought leaders, best-selling authors and leadership organizations to feature video blogs, present webinars, conduct workshops, highlight video case studies and showcase thought leader interviews. Watch the “About Us” video below to learn more from Paul Ritter, Founder & Managing Director of Thought Leaders Network.

Our staff members and collaboration partners have decades of experience working with professional organizations, media companies and research firms that have focused on subjects that include:

    • Market Research
    • Executive Leadership
    • Human Resource Strategies
    • Video Technologies
    • Information Technology
    • Women’s Leadership Initiatives

Paul Ritter - Founder and Managing Director

Paul Ritter is Founder and Managing Director of Thought Leaders Network. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in sectors that include Real Estate, Securities, Insurance, Risk Management and the Internet. In 2005 he became a partner and Vice President of Interactive Media Strategies, a research analyst firm focused on video technologies and market trends, web-based marketing strategies and enterprise communications technologies, where he currently serves as Chief Research Officer.

He is a veteran of the research industry, having worked for leading firms such as the Yankee Group and Wainhouse Research and is the author of dozens of research publications, case studies and white papers. He has produced more than 80 client webcasts, video case studies, research reports and Thought Leader video interviews for Interactive Media Strategies and Thought Leaders Network.Over the past two decades Paul has moderated and presented at dozens of industry conferences, web seminars and video webcasts, and has consulted with client organizations across the US and in the UK, France, Singapore and Argentina.  He has an MBA from the University of Maryland. Contact Paul via email at pritter @

Dan Roche - Marketing Strategist & Advisory Board

Dan Roche brings over 16 years experience of technology-based marketing experience. Dan has worked in the webcasting and collaborative communication space providing a full range of marketing services. He has run the marketing group for TalkPoint webcasting from the start-up days through full maturity, most recently as Vice President of Marketing. He has extensive experience with product marketing, sales enablement, campaign management and digital outreach strategies. His expertise gives him a unique and valuable perspective for consulting to our clients, partners and thought leaders.

Tom Schulte - Thought Leaders Network Partner

Tom Schulte is CEO of Recalibrate Professional Development and is the Founder and Executive Director of Linked 2 Leadership, one of the top leadership blogs on the Internet. Tom has over 25 years in leadership, sales & marketing and business development experience in various industries. He became deeply passionate about corporate leadership development training after working for author/speaker and leadership guru – Dr. John C. Maxwell. During that time Tom had the privilege of working with top executives from around the world who were seeking practical leadership applications that provided real solutions.

Neil Walker - Thought Leaders Network Partner

Neil Walker is the founder of 30 Second Video Marketing and has embraced the power of video to promote small to mid sized businesses. Neil works with businesses worldwide to produce effective short form marketing videos and promote them using organic search placement and paid ad campaigns. 30 Second Video Marketing is currently expanding into other areas of online promotion, especially in social media marketing.

Neil has 20 years corporate experience much of which was involved in the field of connecting consultants with high-end project opportunities.

James Torrence - Featured Contributor

James Torrence is a Featured Contributor of book notes, insightful opinions and leadership summaries for Thought Leaders Network. He currently serves as Captain in the U.S. Army and is a graduate of West Point. He has deployed to Afghanistan twice as a battalion S6, and commanded a strategic signal company while assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium. He has earned four Master’s Degrees since joining the military and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He has a PSM1 certification (Professional Scrum Master) and has been in charge of 100 personnel spanning multiple countries.

CPT Torrence is the recipient of several prestigious leadership awards for accomplishments during his time in the military. He was awarded the 2013 Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association (AFCEA) IT Leadership Award (With Decisive Bravery) for the U.S. Army for actions performed during his second deployment. He is also a recipient of the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award for 2014, awarded to officers who demonstrate the ideals for which General MacArthur stood – Duty, Honor, Country.

James is the author and contributor of a number of insightful analyses of leadership books as part of our “Books Worth Reading” section of the resource portal. James is the author of a new eBook titled, “Developing a Learning Institution: Entrenched Culture, Building the Foundation, and Asking the Right Questions.”   Click to read or to download a PDF copy