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3 Top Qualities of a Good Manager

What Makes a Good Manager If you are a manager, you probably know it’s not an easy job, and if you work in a team with a manager at the top you may wonder if that manager is a good one or not. Either way, a quick review of the main qualities that make for…

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Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Acing The Job Interview Like it or not, job interviews are something unavoidable when it comes to career development. The Web is full of tips and advice on how to look your best, sound your best and generally make the interviewers hire you on the spot. Most of these tips sound easy to follow but…

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Are You a Great Leader?

What Does It Take to be a Great Leader A simple enough question with answers that vary widely. Fortunately, though, in this case the answers are fairly straightforward, too. Being a strong leader is not about a special type of personality, it’s more about individual qualities, as researcher Robert Mann who spent 43 years studying…

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Millennials and Gender Equality

How The Millennial Mindframe Advances Gender Equality “The Millennials Are Coming” could be the title of the next huge bestseller/blockbuster. Millennials are a hot topic. They are a serious disruptive force in an environment where disruption is coming to be identified as the best way to make progress — in business, in science, or in…

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How to Change Careers Safely

Finding the Best Path for a New Career There are dozens of books to help you realize your new career. There are also hundreds of articles on the internet and software that you can buy to help you figure out your dream job. The first step toward taking a divergent career path is to figure…

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5 Musts to Make the Most of Your Job

How to Make the Most of Your Job When it comes to career advice, the Internet is overflowing with it. You name it. From advice about what to wear to an interview to guarantee a great impression, to tips about how to juggle responsibilities and put to use your maximum productive capacity,  advice is out…

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Why Are Women-Led Businesses More Successful?

Women-Led Businesses vs. Men-Led Businesses A host of scientific research has demonstrated that business enterprises led by women tend to perform better and drive fatter bottom lines than companies with men at the helm. One of the biggest reports, and the one that first revealed the so-called “woman effect”, was McKinsey’s “Women Matter” report, which…

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Defensive Googling

How to Strengthen Your Online Presence and Boost Your Career The days of being anonymous workers are over. The fact is that our online presence can mean as much, if not more, than our reputation in real life. For recruiters especially, Google is now a powerful hiring tool, and what a Google search turns up…

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Bragging Is Good

How Employers Can Support Their Female Employees in Self-Promotion In 2013 a study was published by Jessi L. Smith, professor of psychology at Montana State University, and Meghan Huntoon, who was Smith’s student at MSU, which found that gender norms about modesty helped to explain why women felt uncomfortable about promoting their accomplishments. Smith and…

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