Our staff and featured contributors regularly seek out, read, analyze and review interesting books on executive leadership,management strategies, human resource issues and other topics of interest to our site visitors and newsletter subscribers. Our “Books Worth Reading” write ups are detailed analyses of recent and soon-to-be-released books by best-selling authors as well as from up-and-coming writers who have published books we believe are worthy of recommending to our audiences.

We’re pleased to highlight a number of insightful analyses for the Books Worth Reading series from Featured Contributor James Torrence.

LeaderShift, by Ken Carnes & David Cottrell

Analysis by James Torrence

LeaderShift by Ken Carnes and David Cottrell is a contemporary parable about leading in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments. The book is short, succinct, and conveys the message that creating a winning culture can help avoid drifting to failure, the normalization of deviance, and becoming stagnant. I would recommend this book as a primer for organizational leaders at every echelon because it provides a foundation and baseline understanding of six “shifts” that can change the culture and paradigm of both leaders and members of an organization.