JimTrunick-banner680Jim Trunick is the author of the highly acclaimed book, The CORE of Leadership™

Jim has over 25 years of healthcare leadership and industry experience with SmithKline and Allergan. Beginning as a territory manager, Jim has achieved numerous promotions through regional director, director product marketing, professional relations and U.S. sales operations.

Watch the Thought Leader Spotlight video interview with Jim and learn about his latest book, The CORE of Leadership, published by Advantage Media Group.


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Jim is a certified coach & presenter with:

  • Channel Partner with Ken Blanchard Management Company
  • Licensed practitioner with Discovery Insights Behavior Development Inc
  • Certified Practitioner with DDI Targeted Selection®
  • Master Trainer with Yukon Management and Negotiations Inc.
  • He has presented, facilitated, and given key note presentations at numerous domestic and international industry sales, marketing and management seminars and executive workshops.

Thought Leaders Network is collaborating with Jim Trunick to arrange an upcoming leadership workshop and live webcast as part of our Thought Leadership Series of educational and inspirational leadership events. Jim is a seasoned leadership professional and has conducted numerous Values-Based Leadership workshops and seminars. We are looking forward to working with Jim to share his wealth of experience from a career in a Fortune 500 company. His deep insights serve as a backdrop for funny, heartfelt and engaging stories, which Jim uses to focus the audience on important facets of leadership and team building, using exercises that focus on key areas of self-discovery and important personal values.

Watch many of the video testimonials of business professionals and senior executives that have benefited from Jim’s coaching workshops, keynote speeches and one-on-one training. Video Testimonials

Jim believes that through learning of our deepest beliefs, we can build our awareness of significant factors such as:

  • How we make decisions
  • How we judge ourselves and others
  • How we build priorities for our time and energy
  • What are the drivers of our life plan, and if they are in line with our business plans

We highly recommend Jim’s wonderful book, The Core of Leadership, which provides an abundance of insights on leading others, and on learning how to use our own inner strengths to be more successful in our professional as well as our personal lives. Visit Jim’s website for more details about the book and to purchase your own personal copy.

Website link:  https://jimtrunick.com/the-core-of-leadership/

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