Welcome to the Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50 Video Blog

Thought Leaders Network is pleased to bring you a new series of insightful video blogs by Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author or editor of 36 books, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, and his newly released book Triggers.


Marshall Goldsmith on Triggers

Someone recently asked Marshall Goldsmith if he thinks that his latest book Triggers will people change their lives. He shares his answer to this question, and provides a great deal more insight and thought provoking comments in his new video blog. We encourage everyone to not only watch Marshall’s video blogs, but also to purchase a…

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Pick a Path - Advice from Marshall Goldsmith

In a recent interview with Nathan Lyons, Marshall shares his advice for high potentials from the Gen Y generation. First, it’s tough out there and it is probably only going to get tougher. Job security is a thing of the past. The days of the “company man (or woman)” are gone. Like it or not,…

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6 Questions to Set You Up for Success

In this video blog, Marshall Goldsmith presents his thoughts on 6 questions to set you up for success. These questions can help make a difference in both your professional world as well as in your personal life. This short, informative video is part of the Thought Leaders Video Blog featuring a set of video interviews…

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Video - Goal Achievement and Depletion

Finally just around the corner (May 19) is the publication of my new book Triggers! In this series of blogs, I’m very excited to share with you many of the ideas, research, and knowledge that have gone into creating this new work. Triggers is based on the fascinating realization I had that the key variable…

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