Webcast Archives for the “Learning from the Best” Webcast Series

You can view archive versions of several video presentations from the “Learning from the Best” webcast series produced by Interactive Media Strategies highlighted below. (You may need to fill in your name and email address to receive the link for the replay version of the archived webcasts in some of the links below.)

Our Webinars and Video Roundtable events can feature multiple speakers, each of whom can participate from their home or office location with a USB webcam. These events provide a great opportunity for sharing thoughts and insights from leadership experts, speakers, book authors and business leaders. They can be moderated-style events in a Q&A format led by a principal of the Thought Leaders Network, or as single speaker presentations on a topic of interest to our audience.

Video Webcast - “Innovations in Editing and Publishing Video in the Cloud”
Watch the on-demand version of this live video webcast featuring representatives from Mixmoov and Brightcove, two of the leading firms in the field of cloud-based video technologies. Learn how integrated video platforms that leverage cloud technology are enabling companies to increase productivity and distribute video content to their online audiences in a very cost-effective way.

Thought Leaders Webcast“Learning from the Best: Successful Approaches to Generating Revenue with Paid Content” - Interactive Media Strategies presented a live webcast sponsored by Brightcove featuring guest speakers discussing strategies and best practices for generating revenue with paid content.

The event titled,“Successful Strategies and Best Practice Case Studies for Online Video Advertising” was moderated by Interactive Media Strategies and sponsored by Brightcove.  The video webcast examines many key industry trends shaping the online video advertising industry and provides an overview of the innovative approaches used by several leading firms in the industry that are leveraging the IAB’s five new ad units, the Digital Video Rising Stars.

“Learning from the Best: How Media & Entertainment Firms are Doing Online Video Right”
Click to Watch the on-demand version of this live video webcast, sponsored by Brightcove. This informative webinar examines the many challenges faced by today’s media and entertainment companies struggling to find the right business models and technologies for delivering –and monetizing—online video and digital media for consumers.