Example Projects and Client Engagements

Our team of seasoned experts and consultants have extensive experience working with a variety of government agencies, client organizations and global enterprises.

Our team of experts has led a diverse set of projects that have created quantifiable value for organizations across a range of industry sectors and government agencies.  The projects range from technology solutions, to product modifications, policy changes, process innovations, and organizational restructuring.

Problem Statement:  High labor costs

Solution:  We examined the activities being performed by the client's staff to determine which activities were value-add and which could be outsourced or replaced with technology.  Specifically, the staff was tasked with calling consumers monthly to ask them to test their equipment.  We assessed the value of this activity and determined that there was no value add or impact to length of stay by having a live phone call placed to the consumer.  We conducted a pilot using a voice messaging system to replace the live outbound call and found that the consumers were equally likely to respond and test their equipment and that their length of stay on service was unaffected.  As a result, we replaced all live outbound reminder calls with this new technology and saved the client over $400,000 in year 1.  We managed the savings of labor costs through attrition and not through more drastic measures such as layoffs.

Problem Statement:  Low customer satisfaction

Solution:  We examined various aspects of the service value chain and discovered that customers were unhappy with how easy it was to accidentally push their button and send a signal to the call center.  We examined the impact of these "accidental" signals on the call center and quantified that they accounted for approximately half of the call center's signal volume!  We worked with engineering to redesign the button without compromising its integrity and ease of use.  As the new button was introduced to consumers, we were able to save the client $2.2 million over the course of 4 years,  Consumer satisfaction also improved.

Problem Statement:  High payment transaction costs

Solution:  We examined our client's recurring revenue model where the consumer pays monthly for service.  We redesigned the payment process and conducted a pilot where only credit cards were accepted,  The pilot was successful and showed no appreciable loss of revenue, so the policy was changed to remove invoices as a payment option and only accept automated payment methods.  By changing the policy, we saved the client $4.8 million in transaction and labor costs over 5 years. 

Problem Statement:  Poor data quality

Solution:  By modeling the current data management process and using tools to identify breakdowns, bottlenecks, redundancies, etc., we uncovered that the same data were being touched by multiple departments and that the actual data entry function was far down stream in the process.  We worked with the team to redesign the process and modeled a new approach such that the data would only be handled one time and the data entry function would be moved to the beginning of the process where the information is first gathered.  The result of this process innovation project was a savings of $1.5 million over the course of 6 years and a quantifiable improvement in data quality.

Problem Statement:  Failing implementation of a new HRIS system from PeopleSoft

Solution:  At the time we were asked to help salvage the project, the project was delayed, over budget, and the team was dysfunctional.   Through interviews, reviews of project management tools, assessment of staff, and discussions with the vendor, it was determined that an overhaul of the organizational structure of the team was necessary.  With the team's buy-in, we replaced the client's project manager (PM)with a new trusted and skilled PM from the client's staff.  We rounded out the new PM's arsenal with additional PM tools and worked with her for some time to ensure her success.  Ultimately, the project was brought back on track, delivered on time and within budget.

Project managed and sold an event that generated $550,000 in revenue from over 300 attendees from 35 countries.  The project involved direct responsibility for driving sales and sponsorships revenue.