Special Discounts for Groups and Custom Programs

Thought Leaders Network and Recalibrate Professional Development are pleased to offer special corporate pricing discounts and custom group programs for our upcoming Leadership PowerLab Workshop planned for this Fall. This engaging and enlightening live video webcast features leadership expert Tom Schulte, CEO of Recalibrate Professional Development as workshop leader, and Paul Ritter, Managing Director of Thought Leaders Network as webcast Moderator.

There are many ways to take advantage of the special group discounts that are available.

  • Serve as a Remote Host Facility for Groups of Attendees to Participate in the Workshop at Your Location or Meeting Facility
  • Provide Groups of Your Employees or Management Staff with Workshop Registrations for the Day of the Live Webcast
  • Recognize Your Best Customers or Prospects by Providing them Webcast Registration Packages
  • Invite Larger Groups to Participate in the Event and Provide them with Custom Card Decks with Your Company Logo on Every Card.

Remote Host Facility

As a remote host facility, an organization can invite the specified number of workshop participants to attend the live video webcast at their facility (or at multiple locations) and to provide each attendee with their own set of Recalibrate Cards and signature showcase card holders for the event. Companies can choose to show the live video webcast of the workshop leader and the slide corresponding slide presentation on a monitor in a board room, training facility or auditorium if desired.  They can also enable the workshop participants to view the webcast and participate in their card sorting exercises from their own office (or at home) using their own computer, laptop or mobile device.

Reward and Inspire Your Employees or Managers

These special group programs and discounted pricing packages can provide an ideal opportunity for a company to offer the leadership training and values assessment workshop to their own employee groups or to their management level personnel, in small groups of 10 to 25 people, or on a company-wide basis for employees located across many different office locations.

These workshops are always engaging, fast-paced, fun and insightful for all the participants.  You can learn more information about the event leader, Tom Schulte, and read personal reviews and testimonials from prior attendees by clicking here.

Impress and Recognize Your Favorite Customers or Prospects

What better way to recognize your best customers or some of your top prospects than to provide them with a number of registrationss for Leadership PowerLab webcasts for their employees. You can offer registrations for the upcoming workshop for any number of customers or employees, so if the checkout options below don’t offer the exact amount of registrations you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us at the email address:  admin @ thoughtleadersnetwork.com

For group packages of 500 or more, your company can receive custom-branded Recalibrate Card decks with your company’s logo on every card in every deck.  Please contact us at anytime for more information.

For custom corporate programs, workshop event sponsorship partners or group packages of 500 or more, we can produce custom-branded Recalibrate Card decks with your company's logo on the back of every card in every deck.  See example custom-branded cards in the image on the right.

Please contact us at anytime for more information on obtaining custom-branded cards, or to discuss your ideas for hosting a special workshop or train-the-trainer program (featuring your company's logo). 

Click here to request more information about the PowerLab Workshop and custom-branded cards.