Video - Focus on Effort Not the Goal

Video from the Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50 Video Blog, titled “Do Not Become Attached to the Fruits of Your Labor.”

The key message in this video is that we should focus on effort, not the goal. Oftentimes an over riding attachment to an important goal can actually prevent us from achieving long-term and lasting change.

A good example of where an attachment to a goal can negatively impact the achievement of long-term success is something familiar to many people — the difference between getting in shape and staying in shape. It’s the long-term benefit of maintaining a good workout routine and maintaining the discipline to keep it up that provides the potential for real and meaningful change.

By intensely focusing on a singular goal, we can lose enthusiasm because we crave instant gratification. So, by focusing on our effort and not the goal, we can help to distract our inner selves from the obsession with results, and thereby be free to truly appreciate the process of change, and our personal role in achieving tangible long-term benefits in life.