Video - Goal Achievement and Depletion

Finally just around the corner (May 19) is the publication of my new book Triggers! In this series of blogs, I’m very excited to share with you many of the ideas, research, and knowledge that have gone into creating this new work.

Triggers is based on the fascinating realization I had that the key variable in behavioral change, in coaching, in life, is you.

There’s a lot of exciting new research being done in the areas of goal-achievement and depletion and why we do and don’t achieve our goals. As a matter of fact, Triggers is the product of about two years of thought and research I’ve done. To date, I’ve done 79 different studies with 2537 participants. The studies are ongoing and the pool of participants keeps growing! There’s been a lot of work behind Triggers – so it’s not something I just thought of in a day or two.

For instance, in the book, I talk about depletion and its effect on us in our daily lives. As you might know, one of this book’s central arguments is that our environment affects us in powerful, insidious, and mysterious ways. Depletion is one of those environmental hazards. Viewing depletion as an external trigger is a way of seeing the world anew and appreciating the demands placed on us by our constant efforts at self-regulation. View the new video blog below.