Video - Why We Settle for “Good Enough”

In this week’s video blog, titled, “4 Reasons We Settle for “Good Enough,” Marshall Goldsmith looks at the four environments that trigger “good enough” behavior.

Watch the video to learn more about these four reasons.

  1. Our motivation is marginal
  2. We are working pro bono
  3. We behave like amateurs
  4. We have compliance issues

Good enough isn’t always a bad thing. Very often in life, the desire to chase perfection turns out to be a fool’s errand. We don’t really need to spend hours at the gourmet food store taste testing every exotic mustard from all parts of the globe. A “good enough” brand should be all we really need. But problems can arise when a good enough attitude spills over into the important things we say and do, and how we live our personal lives. Settling for just being good enough can have detrimental effects on our relationships and on the lives of those we love.

As the video explains, for the person who doesn’t succumb to the “good enough” mindset, the end results can be truly immense.