We are pleased to highlight a number of research White Papers published by one of the leading research firms in the video conferencing and unified communications industries, Wainhouse Research.

Complimentary White Papers

You can check out the links below to download complimentary copies of recent White Papers published by Wainhouse Research analysts.

We Are Connected: The Power of Video Collaboration in Education

The proliferation of desktop and mobile video solutions enables educators and learners, as end users, to engage in anytime/anywhere video communications via their smartphones, tablets, and/or computers. This essentially transforms them into walking endpoints who possess the ability to receive and transmit content with the click of a button. Video conferencing has rapidly evolved to meet the needs and demands of today’s collaborative work and learning environments.

Education Networks of America, in collaboration with Wainhouse Research, has developed a white paper that examines the growing role of video collaboration in education. Link to download the White Paper: http://cp.wainhouse.com/content/we-are-connected

Enhancing and Extending UC Video
A look at video conferencing trends and unified communications

Video conferencing isn’t just about meetings anymore. Video conferencing is evolving into visual communications for mainstream work flows in two different ways. In one, video is becoming a part of the horizontal unified communications platform and playing a role as an effective collaboration and productivity improvement. In the other, visual communications are being embedded in vertical applications in healthcare, finance, sales, and technical support. Both of these are abetted by the prevalence of browsers on a wide variety of wired and wireless devices and by emerging technologies to enable browsers for real-time voice and video communications.

This white paper discusses how modern toolkits can be used to bring video conferencing out of the board room and onto the desktops of enterprise workers and into higher level applications to speed decision making, raise customer satisfaction, and deliver whole new classes of service.

Link for the White Paper: http://cp.wainhouse.com/content/enhancing-and-extending-uc-video