Our live Women’s Leadership Workshop on September 30, 2021 was a success. This special event was produced by Thought Leaders Network in conjunction with our featured partners The Levin Group and LeadingNews.org.

This fast-paced workshop was led by renowned executive coach, Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D., Managing Partner of The Levin Group, and a co-author of the book, Taking the Stage: Breakthrough Stories from Women Leaders. 

The live webcast was hosted and moderated by Paul Ritter, Managing Director of Thought Leaders Network, and presented by TalkPoint, the featured webcasting partner for our Thought Leadership Series of live workshops, author round tables and online leadership events.

Workshop and Webcast Overview

Let’s face it…the corporate playing field is not gender-equal. How does a smart woman manage to succeed in this environment - influencing the behavior of strong, driven personalities and creating her own singular style of leadership - when the deck is stacked against her?

Renowned executive coach Patricia Wheeler, who has risen to the top of her category working with executives around the world to improve their performance at Fortune 500 firms as well as at national and regional companies, can tell you how.

Presented by a Globally Recognized Executive Coach

Patricia Wheeler’s deep knowledge of research on women’s career issues and the science of human performance, and her experience working with top executives, gives her a singular insight into the way women react to challenges and the practical steps they can take to change the way they perceive obstacles. What are the most important risk factors that can interfere with women moving into the corner office? Hint: it’s not lack of drive or excess perfectionism.

Recent research indicates that it’s the tendency to over-worry that can derail upward movement for many talented women, even seasoned executives. Research also shows that developing optimism and inner resilience goes a long way toward taming worry and driving success.

Insights from Patricia Wheeler:

  • How adding more positivity can boost leadership effectiveness
  • Worry tamers: simple practices to build women leaders’ confidence and resilience
  • The secrets to sustaining progress and achieving your most important goals

Thanks to everyone who attended this special leadership workshop and live video webcast.